6 Ways to Make your B2B Email Marketing Even Better

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6 Ways to Make your B2B Email Marketing Even Better

Email marketing works and it works very well. Fortunately for those in the world of B2B, distributing your marketing message has never been as easy.

Communication has never been easier and getting a special offer, deal or your business out there is a piece of cake. However, there are plenty of challenges too and ensuring your email is opened and acted upon can be quite the challenge. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a number of tips to ensure your email marketing has the desired effect and they’re compiled below.

Make it Apt

The right message and the right audience are a match made in heaven – remember that when you’re compiling your list of emails and also when creating your materials. Offer these people the best solution to a common problem they have and you’ll see plenty of success.

Engage them

Pressing the send button is easy, however ensuring people will actually click on the email is not. Be aware that the subject line matters greatly and is the thing that piques curiosity. Did you know that 80% of headlines are read but only 20% of articles are?
The point is that the headline is the deciding factor of whether people continue to read a piece – make it interesting and you’re onto a winner. We all receive countless emails each day, with offers galore – making yours stand out from the crowd means crafting a great headline is a necessity.


You’d be amazed at the number of people who still don’t optimise an email for mobiles. If you create an email with particular restrictions regarding who can open them or see them upon opening them, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Ensure your B2B campaign is mobile friendly and that everyone can access it.

Spam Filters

Algorithms and filters are increasingly advanced and marketers are up against increasingly smart junk mail sorters. If your email is picked up by software then your attempts are in vain. There are a number of ways that you can avoid these spam filters and ensure that your email isn’t flagged. Be aware of them.


Quality email software like Globomailer and others allow businesses to really personalise their emails to make them very attractive to recipients. Personalisation in terms of name, data and the specifics of the email not only create a better first impression, but also help gain a client’s trust and ultimately they also help with conversion rates.

Trust and Showcase Value

If you want to gain trust and showcase value and loyalty, then a targeted, high quality and personalised direct marketing campaign is a necessity. Messaging people with consistent, high quality and regular email marketing messages will keep them engaged, excited and interested in your business or product.
The best sort of email marketing campaigns are intriguing, engaging and provide the other business or individual with an offer that they can’t refuse. Getting them on board via this approach will help lead you towards long term success and allow you to make the most of B2B email marketing.
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