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Mobile conversions

In this new age, the easiest way to reach to new clients is using the Internet. In Serbia, 56% of all population has access to the world web. The research has shown that 36% of people use mobile phones for their Internet connection. This data opens new paths for reaching out to new customers.

During an online shopping experience, it often happens that the process of shopping begins on one device and ends on a second-third. According to the data from market research 65% of shopping begins on a phone, and 61% of them continues on desktop/laptop computers. 25% of shopping begins on desktop/laptop computers and 19% of them continue on mobile phones. The process of shopping either begins or ends on a mobile phone. It confirms that the mobile phone is a important sales funnel. There are some conversions that are hard to track in Google Analytics. This concerns the amount of phone calls directed to the shop and to the numbers of people that go directly to the store after the Google search. If this data is to be put together with the rest of the conversions it would raise the percentage of conversions for 7-12% (considering the field of industry).
In Serbia 15% of all online shopping is done on mobile phones. Further down the road we will explain and give you some tips for improving your web shops for mobile devices.

Methods for improving the users experience on mobile phones:

  • Set up the site search on a highly visible place and make sure that the results are valid
  • Implement search filters and rationalize the results
  • Make efficient forms
  • Allow the visitors to shop as guests
  • Make sure that they can finish their shopping on a another device

Make conversions easier on multiple devices

Most persons don’t like to confirm their purchase on mobile phones. Enable them an easy way to continue their shopping experience on more than one device weather by saving or by sharing the information of their purchase. The easiest ways are: sharing on social networks, emails or the option of saving the shopping cart on the web shop.

CTA placed front and center

Mobile phone users can easily skip through some menu items, so make sure that you have an visible CTA button in a place it is sure they will spot it. The research have shown us that the best websites have clear and visible CTAs. The mobile version of the website will probably differ from the desktop version, so when creating a CTA think like your customer.


With constant changes in their algorithms, Google pushes us to be better at our job. Making responsive design websites has become a foundation of every good designer-developer company. Make sure that your web shop is optimized for mobile devices.
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