7 myths of Email marketing

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7 myths of Email marketing

For quite some time there have been myths strolling around concerning email marketing. Here we will present 7 of the most common ones.

Myth number 1 - Consumers are drowning in emails from trusted brands

The truth is that 60% of people receive less than 6 emails per day from trusted brands, of which 40% received 3 or less emails.

Myth number 2 - The best time to send emails is 3PM on Thursday

The truth about this is that 85% of opens happen 2 days  after receiving an email but only 21% of purchases happen within 2 days of receiving an email.
32% of purchases take place 2 weeks after.

Myth number 3 - You should stop sending to "inactive" users after 6 months

Well, you should not stop because 20% of your annual openers do so after being inactive for mora than 6 month.

Myth number 4 - Consumers are trigger happy with the spam button

In reality that's not the case. Less than 1 subscriber in 2000 will mark an email as spam.

Myth number 5 - If brands send more email consumers simply ignore more

Sending four emails in a month instead of one DOUBLES the number of consumers opening one or more emails, siginficantly increasing revenue.

Myth number 6 - Short email subject lines give better results.

This is partialy true but, the case is that less than 60 characters increase opening of an email, but more than 70 characters increase clicks.

Myth number 7 - Email ends up in the spam folder because of the subject lines

According to 54Obn sent emails "spam" keywords have little or no effect on ending up in the junk folder.
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