Difference between B2B and B2C marketing

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 Difference between B2B and B2C marketing

Although the marketing programs applied for both the terms are the same, like, internet marketing, direct marketing, advertising, public relations and events, however the way they are executed and the marketing activities may differ from one another.

Here are a few differences listed below.

Difference between the buyers

B2B buyers: They are more focussed on the logic of the product. There is no personal emotion involved in the purchasing decision of a B2B buyer. They focus on how your product or service saves their time, money and resources.
B2C buyers: They are more focussed on the benefits of the product. B2C buyer's decision is more emotional. They will focus on the result and benefits that your pproduct or service will bring to them.

Purchasing process

B2B purchase: It usually includes multi-step buying process that needs more than one person to decide on that purchase. It requires a long time to get executed.
B2C purchase: It usually includes short and simple purchasing process. It takes a few days to get executed.

Sales process

B2B sales: It requires conslultant selling, that is base on understanding a client's needs and developing a relationship of trust. 
B2C sales: It includes a process that is direct to the consumer or involves a retailer.

Importance of Brand

B2B market: In this type of marketing brand will help you to be considered and recognized. It is created through personal relationships and consultative selling.
B2C market: In this type of marketing brand will encourage the customer to buy, remain loyal and potentially pay a higher price. It is created through advertising and social media.
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