Sell more!

Find and win new customers

You want to start a successful e-commerce or improve an existing one?
We know how to make it real.

Planing of the whole cycle of online sales

We will create and present the project strategy to you, define the goals with you and make sure they are fulfilled.

Integration with your ERP system

Satisfied customers have chosen us because of our experience in the integration with various ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP, Datalab Pantheon, ASW, RCL, ABSoft and others.

The best presentation of your products

We will make your products presented in the best way possible and available to all the potential buyers.

How can we help you:

  • New visitors acquisition strategies and plans and their conversion to buyers
  • Online store designed to increase sales
  • A custom built CMS system allowing you to easily manage your site content
  • Your web-shop contents optimization for major search engines
  • Web shop customers analysis and client interaction strategies created to increase sales
  • Increse in cross-selling
  • Cost reduction and sales cycle optimization
  • Launching of new products
  • Eficient communication with your clients
  • Social networks integration (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+)
  • Tracking sales effectiveness and improvements
  • A store that sells 24/7 all year round
  • Various online payment systems
  • PayPal integration
  • E-mail marketing systems integration

Planing of your e-commerce:

You want to have a successful web-shop? A lot of people think that the first step to a successful online store is to find a programmer or a company that will encode the web shop. If you wish to achieve success in your web shop, You'll need more than that. After years of experience in this field, we created a methodology which enables:

  • Analysis
  • Planning
  • Creating functional design drafts
  • Testing functional design
  • Programming
  • Training
  • Content management (text, photography, banners, actions and more)
  • Integration with your ERP system
  • Testing
  • Online launch
  • Sales analysis
  • Improvements

E-shop implementation

Our speciallity is the implementation of sales and marketing strategies in the process of online sales. We will help you through the whole process of implementation and release of a website, with less need of HR on your side.

Types of e-commerce (B2B vs B2C)

B2B includes selling merchandise to other businesses and it is usually a closed circle of users that use this portal for selling/ordering goods. These kinds of online stores are meant for businesses that are wholesale oriented, so they could offer their business partners and clients a faster and easier way of creating large orders. By some rule, these systems are always tightly connected to your information systems.

  • Reducing the need of orders retyping
  • Sales automatization
  • Error reduction
  • Orders enabled during 24 hours 7 days a week

B2C stands for selling of the merchandise to end users (mostly individuals). The challenges of this type of sales are:

  • How to find online buyers
  • How to get internet users interested in your product - visitor to buyer conversion
  • How to create a returning customer
  • How to communicate successfully with a buyer

Conversion of your visitors to buyers

The greatest challenge of e-commerce, besides attracting new customers, is how to convert them from visitors to buyers. There is no magic formula or algorithm that will tell you this. The secret key is in persistence and research of different approaches and visual messages (headlines, pictures, design, commercials and more). After dozens of implemented e-commerce websites we can say that every one of them had a specific way of attracting customers. We will help you to find out who your potential buyers are and how to convert them to loyal customers.

Use our expertise to improve your business.