SEO & SMO Optimization
SEO - Planing is the key to success!

Optimise your website content for better Google positioning

You wish your website to be the first on Google, Bing and other search engines?
SEO is the right solution for you.

Better recognition of your brand or/and product

Our goal is to make it possible for more clients to hear about you

Competition analysis and development suggestions

Things can always be better, it is important to know in what way. We will help you find the right one.

Content optimization for social networks

You wish for your site content to be shared further on social networks?

We offer you:

  • Increase the return of your investment
  • Increase the number of your visitors with better Google positioning
  • Increase the use value of your website or online store
  • Achieving more visitor-to-buyer conversions
  • Building a visitors database for targeted communication (newsletter)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Google Webmaster Tools integration

Search Engine Optimisation

It is very important for your website to be amongst the first search results when someone is Googleng for products you are offering. With your help, we will analyze your competition and their online presence, define the keywords for the best search results and recommend you with the best way of creating engaging content on your current or future website.

Social Media Optimisation

You wish your future and existing partners, buyers and suppliers know about you? Facebook, youTube, Pinterest and other social networks will allow you to communicate with everybody and present your brand and your business in the best possible way. We will help you create a plan for social network engagement, manage all your social profiles and communicate with your potential buyers in order for them to become your loyal clients.

Google Analytics

You wish to know how many people visit your website during every month, day, hour? How long are they engaged with your site content? How many pages they visit? Which pages are most frequently visited? We will create weekly, monthly or quarterly reports for you, propose campaigns and online ads. We will increase your sales.


We have chosen Microsoft technologies. Experience has shown that they are reliable and safe, and enable integrations with different systems. Microsoft is an excellent partner who helps us always with new solutions and following trends. We "speak" ASPX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, .Net, SQL and many more languages.

Use our expertise to improve your business.